(Wien Museum, Vienna, Austria)

In my lecture I will show the development of the digitalization project of the Vienna Museum from the very beginning (specifications and mapping) until today (corrections of data sets, tool for ongoing mass transfer of recent excavations from urban archaeological sites into the collection management system, image digitalization of art collections).
In 2005 the Vienna Museum started to take stock of its various collections in their different locations. This process was finished in 2008. One of the main tasks is now is to bring together the different six data bases of the various collections of the Vienna Museum into one: the main database of objects (»730,000 data sets), the separated databases of the Fashion Collection (»56,000 data sets) and the Photo Archive (»20,000 data sets), the two databases of the Archaeology Collection (»140,000 data sets) and the database of the inventory project (»450,000 data sets).
To achieve this goal it has been my duty to hire and later on to run a collection management system. After many negotiations we voted for the MuseumPlus of the Swiss company Zetcom. MuseumPlus is a complete collection management system designed for the multifaceted tasks museums and its collections. The collection module is the central module of MuseumPlus and makes scientific documentation of even complex collections such as the collection of the Vienna Museum possible. In addition to the collection module MuseumPlus offers modules for exhibition management, address management as well as photo management and conservation. So far we have integrated about 1 Million different data sets into MuseumPlus, about 140,000 data sets are artefacts of the Archaeology Collection.

Keywords: Digitalization, Collection Management System