(Department of archaeology and museology, Masaryk University, Brno Czech republic)

Keywords: 3D photogrammetry ; ballistic analysis ; lithic projectiles ; archaeometry


We have developed new method for archaeometric analysis of lithic projectiles using 3D photogrammetry and virtual models of projectiles. Till these days ballistic analysise of these archaeological artefacts was done simple by using simple formulas with just few exact metric values so there was possibility of innacurate result. Our method use high definition 3D models of projectiles which provides much more accurate hard data which can be later used for statistical or balistic analyse. Several hundreds of lithic projectiles dated from late neolithic and early bronze age from burial sites as Mýtná Nová Ves, Holešov and several more were analysed and evaluated by our new method with very interesting results. Such number of examined artefacts provides solid base for statistical evaluation of such important complex of artefacts.
Digitization using photogrammetry and 3D scanning u provides great oportunities for studying lithic projectiles. In the first place virtual 3D models are easy to orient in virtual space so they can be non – destructive studied in detail, for example making of cross – section cuts and profiles of artefacts or just their parts. Secondly, precise virtual images are great tool for morphometric analysis using landmarks and other applications. Therefore we present our new method as combination of photogrammetric documentation of lithic projectiles and archaeometric and ballistic analyse of archaeological artefacts,