An interactive and immersive story of the identity of the city of Cosenza

Davide PANTILE1 | Francesco PELLEGRINI2
(1 ETT s.p.a., GENOVA, Italy, | 2 “Attilio e Elena Giuliani” Foundation, Rome, Italy)

Keywords: Storytelling, Immersive Experience, Virtual reality

The Multimedia Museum Consentia Itinera was born by the will of the Fondazione Attilio and Elena Giuliani Onlus and tells the story, archaeology, events, symbols, landscape, artistic heritage and personalities that have characterized the history of Cosenza (southern Italy), part of the ancient Magna Graecia, and its “crossroads” with Great History.
The museum will be located in the austere and elegant Villa Rendano, built in 1887 by Domenico Rendano, totally restored and will be inaugurated in November 2017.
The layout offers an interactive path that winds through the entire second floor of the Villa, focusing on specific episodes and people and set up with immersive and multimedia tools including virtual reality and wall, circular and holographic projections used to tell the story of Cosenza from the dawn to reach our days.
These solutions combine original images, virtual reconstructions, texts, and voices into a storytelling experience accessible to all visitors where classical authors such as Pliny, Euripides and Ovid and virtual reality travels with bird’s eye views or walks in the alleys of the city are connected. The project also includes a mobile app to visit the city at its best.
Among the episodes are the story about the sack of Rome and the treasure of Alarico, that according to a legend is buried in Cosenza, the transformations of the city caused by earthquakes, epidemics and invasions, the Renaissance, the Risorgimento and the unity of Italy.
The story of the twentieth century will be narrated in an environment reproducing a cinema of the early years of the century but equipped with chairs and virtual reality devices. Visitors will enjoy an immersive experience through vintage images to contemporary ones with changing perspectives and themes.
A unique project to enhance stories, images and events of different ages, implemented in a building of remarkable historical-artistic interest.

Relevance for the conference:
Consentia Itinera is a comprehensive project that includes a range of technological tools used to create a multimedia layout within a historical building and a mobile application for the enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage of an entire city.

Relevance for the session:
Consentia Itinera project uses digital technologies such as virtual reality, 3D reconstructions, mobile apps and projections to create a totally new storytelling experience based on the creation of different environments combining virtual and real world.

Consentia Itinera is an example of the use of various digital tools to make accessible thousands of years of history to different kinds of visitors and create an interactive journey to be enjoyed inside and outside the museum and able to engage and communicate according to the principles of edutainment.