Vu The Long

(Institute of Archaeology of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam)

For study Zoo-Archaeology, the Zoo-Archaeologist must have a big collection of bones, teeth of animal and the bones, teeth casting from the typical materials or, at least, the pictures of them.
Among Zoo-Archaeologists, who study the fauna remain from South-East Asia, the wild Animals bone and the material for comparison are very rare. We can’t collect the living wild animal for making collection from Nature because of the Protect animal law and there are many species now is extinct or nearly extinct in South-East Asia. While, there are some huge collection of them was collected from beginning of XIX Century and still keeping in some of Western Europe Museum and some small Museum in SE Asia (for ex. Natural History Museum in Paris, Nature Kunst Museum in Berlin, Natural History Museum in Leiden Netherland, Zoological Museum of Univ. Hanoi, Zoo collection in Bangkok…)
How to have material for identify bones remain from South – East Asia? That is the big problem for most of Zoo -Archaeologist who study fauna from this region. Computer and new technology of using computer may help us. We can link the storage collection from any Laboratory, Institute, Museum from may countries in the world and sharing data to any ones who need.
We call for working together and as soon as possible making a standard data for exchange pictures and the other kind of information by computer.