(Organizer: Stephen STEAD, Member of the CIDOC CRM-SIG, Paveprime Ltd, UK)

This seminar is about the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM), a top-level ontology and ISO standard (ISO21127:2006) for the semantic integration of cultural information. It will explain the scope and objectives of the model. It will detail the construction principles used and the major concepts it defines.

In order to use the model for information integration, multiple data structures have to be mapped to the model, so that data contents can be transformed automatically into a CRM compatible form and be merged. Alternatively, the mappings can be used to transform queries against the CRM into queries against local data structures. The mapping is the critical step, in which the domain expert’s knowledge is needed. IT tools can automatically execute later steps. The mapping process also shows compatibility with the CRM.
The seminar will explain in practical examples and exercises how to map a data structure to the CIDOC CRM.