Carmen LÖW,  Nadine ALPINO | October 23, 2017 | 10 am

It is often to be heard that coffee breaks are the most exciting parts of conferences. At the CHNT, this may be particularly true because of the interesting presentations of various exhibitors which can be viewed during the breaks. However, this assumption is probably not based on such offers. Also the fact that coffee breaks are usually the best time to do some networking might not be responsible for it.meeting-1015313_1920

There is something very special at conferences which you can see mostly during the coffee breaks and unfortunately sometimes only then: passionate scientists. They are so excited about their research that they tell you about it in an enthusiastic and exhilarating manner. You`d like to listen to these people for hours and so – not infrequently – you get a bit displeased with Wolfgang Börner when he claps to announce the end of the break.


If you see the same scientist who had spoken in such a passionate way during the break, in the subsequent session, you get a completely different picture. The passion of these scientists is usually gone. They seem to be stiff and their research looks like just some more of the same. Sometimes you even find it hard to stay awake.

Why is that? What exactly is responsible for this change? Some say it would have to be that way. That would simply be the way it is in our discipline. To change it would be at the expense of one’s own credibility. That is not true. We believe it is possible to give an interesting, inspiring presentation and still be serious and convincing. Countless presentations, held every day in the world of business and in other disciplines, prove this.white-male-1992573_1920


So how can you make sure that others listen carefully, even aside from coffee breaks? What are the Do’s and Don’ts at Lectures? What kinds of tools are there to be used apart from Powerpoint? If you would like to find out, you are very welcome in our workshop (Advanced Archaeological Training 3).

We will talk about the different target groups and types of presenters. We will hear a word or two about how people internalize information. The tools we will be working with are of course IT based – it`s the CHNT, isn`t it. But also we will check on some “old school”-presentation tools, which can turn about being pretty efficient if used in a creative way.

Between the different topics you will have the possibility to get some practice. Also you`ll have the possibility to share your own experience in the group. We are looking forward to your stories and hope to see a lot of in our workshop.

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