Anna Margherita JASINK, Giorgio VERDIANI, Willem BEEX | September 21, 2017 | 10 am

In recent times games, immersive environments and role playing found their way into Cultural Heritage.

These applications combine the attraction of a contest with an easier approach and understanding for people of any age. The interpretation and translation of basic historical information into a gaming environment is probably the most important milestone in the creation of such digital tools.

The “gamification” process has created a series of various experiences, often mixing real and digital into a new reality. As a spin-off from the session ‘New Realities 3’ this Round Table is dedicated to games and digital environments for schools, universities, museums and exhibitions. Their aim is to present the history of a place, a specific event, the evolution of a settlement, some aspects of daily activities or the life of some ancient character. In this way the user gets relevant historical information, while playing and in some case re-enacting the past.

Minoan board game.PNG 1Labirinto minotauro e TeseoEducational

In this Round Table, special attention will be given to the shape of a game, proposed rules, digital environments, the gameplay, and on-line or on-site solutions. It will be the place to discuss general issues, rules, and lessons learned. The introduction by Anna Margherita Jasink will illustrate, among others, the experience made with the interactive museum MUSINT, where specialised contents mingle on purpose with parts for a wider public. The games of its educational sector encountered a great success in the experimental workshops with school pupils and offered also the occasion of in class playing and storytelling.  The audience of the Round Table is encouraged to actively participate into the discussion, presenting in short their own experiences after the enlisted communications. The final general discussion will create the right conditions to enhance the common experience about this kind of very important developments.

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