Wolfgang BÖRNER | April 22, 2020 | 10 am

The Call for paper, poster and app has started on April 15, 2020.

We are optimistic to host CHNT 25 also like the years before in the City Hall of Vienna and to welcome many participants from all around the world.
But we will be prepared for other scenarios too.

Copyright: ViennaGIS

Let’s set a sign for our colleagues and for our collective Cultural Heritage!
It is also a time to think and speak about colleagues, who have lost or will lose their jobs, because there are less excavations, less projects, the money is needed for something else but not for archaeology, museums and cultural heritage.
We must be aware that after we have “beaten” this disease, that also our Cultural Heritage could be in a sad state.

To cite our Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz:
“The world will not be the same thereafter!”

We will design a page on CHNT homepage with statements from you:
how you live and work in these special times (also figures). This page should be a place for your believes for the future but also your sorrows.
We will upload it within the next days – send us your statements, … to kongrarchae@stadtarchaeologie.at

Vienna City Hall – Wappensaal (Copyright: Stadtarchaeologie Wien)

We wait for your submissions!
Until November 4-6, 2020 there is a long way to go and one of the first steps is that you will send us your submissions.
We wait for your submissions!

(1) papers must be submitted in the correct format by June 30, 2020   at the latest. Please download the template here
(2) additional instructions can be found in the template
(3) long abstracts must be three (3) pages in length and contain 800 words or above

Stay well and take good care in these extreme times!

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