We have tried everything. However, after a long phase of evaluating scenarios and alternatives the CHNT Committees have decided to convene CHNT 25, 2020 as a purely digital conference.In the following sections we have prepared further information that will be useful for speakers, presenters and participants:


As originally planned, the conference will take place from November 4-6, 2020.

The conference will be held virtually and therefore takes place wherever you happen to be – at work, at home, in the park, … on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


The schedule of CHNT 25, 2020 is based on the program. There will be plenary blocks, keynotes, parallel sessions, round tables and advanced archaeological trainings, all of which will be held virtually.
Your presentation will be “LIVE”, – we want all of you online for the duration of the conference.
If for whatever reason it is not possible for you to give your talk live, you should discuss with the chairs of your session about the option to send a video instead.

Next steps for speakers and presenters

  • Submit your contribution as usual on the CHNT25 website. Whether it is accepted or not, you will be contacted.
  • After speakers/presenters receive their notifications (beginning of September), the chairs will contact you and discuss with you online the next steps.
  • Presenters are invited to submit their contribution to the proceedings after the conference. The proceedings will be available on the website of Propylaeum, University of Heidelberg.
  • The proceedings will also include the long abstracts of speakers who choose not submit a paper.

For poster and app presenters: more information coming soon.

Within the next few weeks we will prepare a handout on how to give a good online presentation.


25 € (Early bird / October 5, 2020 – 50 €)
Students (speakers, presenters, chairs and audience)

50 € (Early bird / October 5, 2020 – 80 €)
Regular (speakers, presenters, chairs and audience)

Support for colleagues: As you all know there are colleagues who are in difficult situations due to the pandemic or other reasons. Others can’t transfer money easily from their home countries. To make their participation possible, we offer supporter tickets. If you can afford it and if you want to sponsor a colleague to take part in CHNT 25, you can state so in the payment form and pay the doubled admission fee. The free tickets will be provided to those who otherwise couldn’t attend. You will thereby help to ensure the CHNT stays a lively and diverse conference for all interested in cultural heritage technologies.

If you are in need of a supporter ticket please contact us: mailto:kongrarchae@stadtarchaeologie.at

The registration form and the payment form will be online soon.

Extended deadline for long abstract submissions (paper, poster and app): August 21, 2020.

See the next information here soon!