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3D mapping on textured surface model

Workshop Organizer: Sebastian VETTER (fokus GmbH Leipzig, Germany) Description of the workshop: Since the year 2000 the software metigo MAP is developed and supports first functions for 3D evaluation with the version 4.0 (from 2013). On the base of the current problems, that can occur while processing 3D documentation the R & D project „PROQUATO“ (2016 – 2018) was initiated by fokus GmbH Leipzig with the institute for photogrammetry and remote sensing of TU Dresden and Scan 3D GmbH, Berlin. Main topics are automated image orientation on the base of textured surface models, display of different image contents on one multi textured surface model. Tools and procedures for efficient 3D mapping are developed in close cooperation with conservaters from different fields. Within the scope of a workshop participants can take their first steps in the field of 3D mapping and their own notbook. This includes import of 3D-surface models, definition of user coordinate systems and creation of segments for evaluation of very large surface models. For 3D mapping we will practise different drawing tools for lines, areas, symbols, and texts. We will create several object views with orthogonal projection in the mapping project for true-to-scale 2D-printout. Finally we will show the possibilities for the export of textured surface models with 3D mapping. The participants can feel free to bring 3D surface model of their own projects, in the case their hardware is able to process it. Software licences for all participants will be provided by fokus GmbH Leipzig. Keywords: 3D-Objectdocumentation, textured surface model, ortho projections, 3D...

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Post conference visit to Carnuntum

Roman city of Carnuntum, Petronell-Carnuntum, Lower Austria – November 15, 2018 By invitation of the Roman city of Carnuntum, the Congress Visual Heritage 2018 will hold a post conference event in this great ambient. Program:  09:00 Departure: Vienna City Hall  10:00 Arrival: Roman city Carnuntum  10:15 Welcome adress by the scientific director of Carnuntum, Mag. Franz HUMER  10:30-12:00  Lectures about Carnuntum Franz HUMER, Carnuntum – The reborn city of the emperor. Karl Friedrich GOLLMANN, Rekonstruktion der Bauten der Zivilstadt von Carnuntum  – Wissenschaft und Handwerk (in German) Robert REITHOFER, The development of hypocausts – from the production of bricks to heated thermae.  12:00-13:00  Lunch – Hotel Marc Aurel, Petronell  13:00-15:00  Tour through the “Roman City quarter” guided by Mag. HUMER & Dr. POLLHAMMER  15:30-17:00  Visit of the Museum CARNUNTINUM, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg  17:00  Departure: Bad Deutsch-Altenburg  18:00  Arrival: Vienna – City Hall Included in the registration fee for this event: bus transfer (Vienna – Carnuntum/Petronell – Bad Deutsch-Altenburg – Vienna) entrance fees (Roman city Carnuntum / Museum Carnuntinum) guides* lunch at Hotel Marc Aurel *rooms for the lectures and the guides are sponsored by the Roman town Carnuntum Minumum number of participants – 30 (Deadline for registration and payment – October 22, 2018) Link to registration...

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Lunch on the Carnuntum Post Conference Tour

Venue: Hotel Marc Aurel – 12:00-13:00 November 15th, 2018 Chicken Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad Zander (fish) with capers and leek served with fried potatoes Vegetarian Lasagne with salad plus one non-alcoholic drink  

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Lunch on the Vienna Post Conference Tour

served by AGGYS Coffeeshop – 12:00-13:00 November 15th, 2018 Vegetarian Californian Club Sandwich (Avocado, egg, salad, aioli, tomato) Egg Bloomer Sandwich (Egg, salad, mustard mayo, tomato) With meat Club Sandwich (Bacon, turkey, salad, aioli, tomato) Ham and Egg Sandwich (Ham, egg, salad, mustard mayo, tomato) Dessert Chocolate Fudge Brownie with salted peanuts Cheesecake Drinks Coffee Homemade lemonade Soft...

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Post Conference Vienna

Vienna, Austria – November 15, 2018 By invitation of the Wien Museum, the Congress Visual Heritage 2018 will hold a post conference in the rooms of the museum. Guided Tours in the afternnon. Program: 10:00 Welcome adress by Dr. Matti BUNZL, Director of the Wien Museum 10:20-12:00 Lectures about the archaeology of Vienna (Urban Archaeology of Vienna) Martin PENZ: Recent excavations and investigations on prehistoric sites in Vienna Martin MOSSER: Vindobona – Roman legionary fortress and settlement Ingeborg GAISBAUER: From Roman Vindobona to Medieval Vienna – uncertain beginnings, structural development and a lot of questions Heike KRAUSE: Fortified Vienna from the 13th to the 18th centuries  12:00-13:00 Lunch  13:30-14:30  Guided tour through the Römermuseum  15:15-16:00  Special tour “The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna: Visualizing heritage” by its director, Prof. Dr. Michael KIEHN  16:30-17:30  Special tour through the Greek and Roman Antiquities sections of the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna by its director Dr. Georg PLATTNER or (optionally) Special tour in the Naturhistorische Museum – Venus von Willendorf, Gold & Hallstatt; Highlights from the Prehistoric Collections by Dr. Wallpurga ANTL-WEISER  18:00  Conclusion of the post conference event Included in the registration fee for this event: lunch by AGGYS Coffeeshop entrance fees* * free entrance to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and Naturhistorisches Museum Not included are tickets for Vienna Public Transport Minumum number of participants – 30 (Deadline for registration and payment – October 22, 2018) Link to the registration form...

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