Round Table

Chairs: Georg GARTNER | Markus JOBST, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Description of the round table: Recently, modern cartography have become more and more popular not only in traditional means, but also in new domains. The increasing use of modern cartography methods and tools as well as the growing ubiquity of cartographic technology in our daily life are significantly changing the way people interact and access cartographic models. They also bring further challenges, as well as some other methodological and technical issues. Research on these issues have been emerging in recent years. Lots of research efforts from both technical (e.g., computational) and non-technical (e.g., graphical, cognitive) perspectives have been paid to these issues, and result in many interesting findings.

Scope and novelty of the round table: This round table aims to provide a forum for these lines of research to meet and to discuss these cognitive, cartographical, methodological issues of cartographic visualisation and storytelling for cultural heritage, from both technical/computational and non-technical perspectives. The objective is to include “state of the art” research papers on these aspects, as well as to identify and formulate key research questions for further development of the field.

Format of round table: 4-6 impulse papers

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