(Second University of Naples. Italy)

Keywords: Heritage, landescape, Unesco

The objectives of the research with the poster, Cultural heritage is undoubtedly a fundamental point of reference for modern society and needs to be preserved for future generations. Therefore, it is essential to develop methods and tools that can provide effective protection for cultural heritage and can facilitate their use. The objective of this special session is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the field of cultural heritage and processing of digital images.
Preserving a cultural equivalent to defend the roots of its historical identity. Of particular interest is the preservation of archaeological sites, historical centers but also of the square or the individual monument that present distinctive features of an age at which we consider with admiration. Looking to cultural heritage in architectural sense opens two strands of thought: keep or intervene? The key lies in the resolution of the two aspects that are seemingly distant, can converge by giving the property in question, a value-added action but making it usable while preserving the good in an optimal way so as to ensure it for future generations.