Archaeolingua Verlag ist “the official Publisher” der Reihe EAC (Europae Archaeologiae Consilium)  und publiziert die Proceedings der jährliche Tagungen in Cultural Heritage Themen.

Vorstellung der neuesten Bände 2013 durch die Vize-Präsidentin des EAC Bord’s Katalin Wollák

Heritage Reinvents Europe. D. Callebaut et al.
Who cares? Percpectives on Public Awareness, Participation and Protection in Archaeological Heritage Management. A. Lagerlöf (Ed.)

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The EAC Occasional Paper Series (EAC7_flyer) (EAC8_flyer)

The presentations of the heritage protection symposia organised by the Europae Archaeologiae Consilium (EAC) founded in 1999 brought a growing awareness of the issues related to landscape archaeology. The papers read at the symposia were published in the Occasional Paper series. In 2010, Archaeolingua Foundation and Publishing House began to collaborate in editing and distributing the series with the fourth volume, Heritage Management of Farmed and Forested Landscapes in Europe. Since then, four further volumes were published by Archaeolingua on the topics of remote sensing, large-scale excavations and archaeological heritage management. The 9th volume is under preparation and due to be published in 2014.