(beyondarts GmbH, Klosterneuburg, Austria)

Keywords: 360° Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Multimedia, Panoramic View

beyondarts has already been succesfully developing high quality content apps as guiding tools for the field of art and culture for several years. Now we go one step further, because in 2016 new VR products come to the market, such as the Oculus Rift, Gear VR and the HTC Vive. For those new devices content is rare, in the area of art & culture content practically inexistent.
The beyondarts-App already provides high quality content in the touristic sector. Our apps contain multilingual audio withn professional story-telling, text and high resolution pictures, geo-positioning and other exciting features.
To create a 3D experience, the existing app is extended, a 360° panoramic view is implemented. The existing content can be used, only the panoramic images have to be created.
The user sees the highlights of the beyondarts app in a 360° panoramic view in 3D and thus as an immersive experience. The detail buttons are integrated in the 360° view, so that the user can navigate by sight within the app.
The solution is platform independent and is thus available for iOS and Android. Moreover, the app will also be available as a HTML5 page, so that VR devices such as the oculus rift are also compatible devices.
The result is a combination of a VR application with high quality content which can be used by tourists from home, and the already existing app which is designed for use at the site. The target audience is thus expanded via the VR solution to tourists that are still in the planning phase for their trip or are looking for a way to re-experience their trip, perhaps together with their friends.
We present one of the rare market ready 3D solutions that combine VR, high quality content, storytelling and interactivity.