Making CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) data available as Linked Open Data (LOD):
A practical hands-on workshop of a complete solution using freeware

Organizers: Stephen STEAD | Michael CHARNO, UK

The mice meet in council to debate the problem of the new cat in the district. One suggests that a bell should be attached to the cat to give a warning. This is greeted with universal approval until someone asks “How?” Cultural Heritage Informatics specialists are often heard to say “just publish your CRM data as linked open data so that others can use it”, but how do we actually do that? This workshop aims to lead attendees through the process of taking an export of delimited text (ie. comma separated values) from their database, converting it to CRM compatible RDF triples and then making them available via a triple store for consumption by humans or machines as linked open data. The course will provide an introduction to linked open data and then will lead users through a cookbook of simple to follow techniques for creating and publishing it. All software used in the workshop will be freeware and runs on the free and open source operating system Linux. The software and operating system are uniquely capable of running on underpowered hardware, making deploying it simple even with limited support from an IT department or support services. The full set of software and guidelines will be available to attendees (if you bring a USB stick)

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