Generating 3D point clouds from digital image sequences (3D ImageScan)

Organizer: Dominik WESTERMANN | ArcTron3D, Altenthann, Germany

The aSPECT 3D workshop deals with generating 3D point clouds from unsorted digital image sequences. The recorded photographic data of a suitable object is the source for the 3D point cloud computation.  This point cloud can be further edited using different filters before a triangulation is carried out.  In another processing step, the meshed 3D model can be photorealistically textured using the referenced images. Finally, the 3D model can be scaled or georeferenced.

Schedule :

Theoretical, exemplary part:
– 3D ImageScan basics
– exemplary processing of images to a 3D point cloud
– using point filters and triangulation tools
– photorealistic texturing
– photographic basics (handling exposure, aperture, depth of focus)
– classification of suitable objects for 3D ImageScan documentation

Practical part:
– photographic recording of one or several test objects
– data management
– aSPECT3D application (ImageScan, point filters, triangulation, photorealistic texturing)

Participants: max. 10 persons (All participants should bring a digital camera for the workshop.)
Time: Tue Nov 12, 09:00 – 13:00
Venue: Exhibitors Area and Courtyard