Valentina FANTINI
(Dipartimento di Architettura, Firenze, Italy)

Keywords: Digital survey, archives, Liberty, photogrammetry

“This research is about the analysis of the abandoned building Art Nouveau in Italy (where this artistic and architectural tendency was named “Liberty”), starting from the study of the evolution changing of the appeal in this architectural style. Liberty was popular only during the period from the end of 1800 to the first decades of 1900. The Liberty was characterized by a marked linear style and elegant decoration; it became quickly the main style of the growing bourgeoisie. This research would be oriented to examine the reasons because these particular buildings didn’t acquire the “charm of ruin” after their closure and because they often suffer from a completely abandon without meaningful chances of recovering. Buildings like the “Terme del Corallo” (Livorno), the glasshouses (Montecatini) or the “Villa Zanelli” (Savona) can be clear samples of this condition. The methodology for the analysis of this Heritage at risk will be developed using the photogrammetric survey, using both a traditional 2D approach and the SFM solutions. The aim will be a better understanding obtained using fast and discrete techniques (a lot of these buildings are left to themselves and often preserved from the intervention of the public interest) and the creation of an archive of this objects. The observed buildings will be chosen from a vast territory and their survey would be a possible reference for a conservative intervention or at least a documentation of something lost. Each single example will be considered inside its urban contest taking into account the main changes happened in time. The project will use the research as a process for a more sensitive design approach, hoping to encourage a retrieve of this Built Heritage. All the data are prepared to be integrated in specific social networks like for their maximum dissemination.”