Lukasz A. Czyzewski

(Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland)

Three years ago I had an opportunity to present on CAA Vienna conference idealistic model of the Bisnik Cave adaptation. The archives system, which I would like to present, is a continuation and new view to that, and new point of view in his subject. It presents typical solution of MYSQL database connected with web pages interface. The structure of date stored in the system is designed to the specific demands of the cave’s excavations. It should also allow interpreting the integrated data from the different sources and, what is the most important after standardization of the code, to make data mining. System is also ready to make some experiments with automatic classification, optical recognition and preinterpretation of the artefacts’ photos.
Complete DBS is also main source for any predefined queries, reports and other typical demands for DB tools. Most important idea of structure proposed in this solution is the comparison of many sources of data. Different types of catalogues and graphical repositories from different disciplines, “data mined” in this tool may (but not must) give us new way of interpretation of the past, reconstructed from the cave sediments.

Keywords: archaeology, Old Stone Age, database system, interdisciplinary interpretation