Frontiers of dissemination for presentation and learning

Chairs: Anna Margherita JASINK | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

This session is aimed to collect paper proposals about research and operative experiences aimed to produce medium or large archives organized in the logic of the public presentation and/or interaction, there will be two main categories we would like to emphasize in this session:

1) The archives with public access useful to contribute to new and web based research, from those oriented to the scholars to those which are thought for the newbie.

2) The learning and didactic presentation of archaeology contents in order to enhance the educative process and to allow a better understanding of historical and ancient events and of the way of living in the past.

Particular importance must be given in the description about how the base data are used and made available and what kind of interaction is supported between them and the users. At the same time it is suggested to underline the relationship between the presented project and the main international tools for dissemination/consultation , like Wikipedia, Google Earth, Europeana, just to mention the most well known. At the same time for the learning and didactic project a clear description of the users chosen as target of the project will be welcome.

The main scope of this session will be to spot over the way a large amount of data, correctly archived, can became a learning and a study tool thank to an approach based on “correct documentation” criteria with robust solutions and advanced approaches.