(Institute of the Monument Protection Research of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Abstract: During 2011-2012 the Institute of the Monument Protection Research of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine developed the historical and architectural basic plan of Kyiv as part of the General plan of Kyiv. Was made inventory of the cultural heritage monuments of the ukrainian capital. In this work we take into account all categories of monuments: history, architecture, archeology, landscape etc. Also in this project was produced protection zoning. A separate issue was the development of consolidate buffer zones of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra and the Saint Sophia Church. In my report I aim to familiarize the audience with archaeological sites which are included in the new buffer zone. In this zone includes the most famous archaeological monuments of Kiev, as these areas of the city was the center of the city at the time of Kyiv Rus period. The report will be mostly a statistical nature. Will be given the number of monuments of national and local importance which are included in the new buffer zone. Will be provided to get acquainted with the modes using of monuments territories. And also with the problems of archaeological sites destruction. As in the past twenty years building the center of Kiev was very intensive. Which led to the destruction of a large number of   archaeological monuments components. At this point it is important to present the results of our work at various international conferences to familiarize various circles of society. Because in future it’s may help the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Also it will attract tourists to our region. Of course it is interesting the experience of our foreign colleagues which we can use in future.

Keywords: cultural heritage, buffer zones, archaeological monuments