(Archäologische Bodenforschung Basel-Stadt, Basel, Switzerland)

Keywords: Journey, Archaeology, Basel, Audioguide App, Original sites

The cathedral hill is the historical “centrepiece” of Basel City (Switzerland). An extensive archive of the history of the city is concealed below ground. Important turning points in the history of Europe are highlighted, such as the Romanisation of Celtic society, the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages and the development of medieval episcopal cities with a variety of sacred buildings.
The Audioguide App by the Archaeology Department shows you around original sites from the Celtic, Roman and medieval history of Basel, where archaeological information points have been set up. It allows you to experience the millennia-old history of the cathedral hill in all its diversity. While visiting the sites you can learn more about the background of and insight gained from important excavations thanks to the visible archaeological monuments and the app. Digital reconstructions and numerous pictures help you immerse yourself in the subjects dealt with at the individual points on the archaeological tour.
The app contains 20 minutes of audio material. The tour takes 60 to 90 minutes.