(University of Genoa, Genova, Italy)

Keywords: Mobile App, Virtual, Amphitheater, 3D models

The continuous development of techniques of relief allows today to acquire countless information in a very short time. Data produced by the procedures for different relief, which can interact with each other to create a data bank increasingly rich, indispensable for the study of the well investigated.
The work presented wants to show how different techniques of expeditious relief can be combined together in order to better describe the subject studied. Techniques of digital projection as laser scanner, topography and structure from motion can in fact be used simultaneously and interact with each other to create a rich database of colorimetric information and metrics. Methodologies that, at the same time, present the peculiarities and errors of peculiar relief of the technology employed.
The documentation of the excavation was then addressed by employing more detection systems, trying not to interfere with the timing of the archaeologists.
The case study examined in this type of research is the discovery of the amphitheater of Volterra. Discovered in July 2015 during the phases of reclamation of a stream, is located close to Porta Diana and a few hundred meters from the Roman Theater discovered in the last century. Between October and November 2015 was undertaken an excavation campaign that has allowed us to bring to light the crests of the supporting walls of the structure, revealing the presence of the three orders and a depth of about ten meters.
The step of post processing has finally seen the use of three-dimensional models acquired both for the creation of images metrics necessary to the study of the stratigraphic units, both for studying a multimedia system easy to use for transmitting the information collected. Precisely this second point has allowed us to realize a prototype for a mobile application, inside which it is possible to display the 3D models and data of the excavation carried out.

Relevance conference | Relevance session:
As declared from the platform “Discovery News” one of the most promising discoveries last year is the amphitheater of Volterra.