(Association of State Archaeologists, Dresden, Germany)

Outline:ADeX is as standard and uniform way to exchange archaeological data from very heterogeneous sources, as they exist in German countries.

The development of the standard for Archaeological Data eXchange (ADeX) was encouraged and realized by the commission “Archaeology and Information Systems” of the “Association of State Archaeologists” (Verband der Landesarchäologen) in the Federal Republic of Germany. The aim is to develop a standard for data exchange between archaeological heritage offices and scientific institutions in the federal states of Germany.
To have a cross border effect of heritage protection, it is very useful to have a unique data format for archaeological information. Even to investigate archaeological distributions, that doesn’t orientate by country boundaries, a standardized exchange is profitable.
As result of intensive analyses of Germany wide used data structures a core set of Attributes was chosen to build the first Version of ADeX. It was explicit designed as easy as possible to get a broad consent. The current edition 1.2 is restricted to point wise representation of archaeological sites. These standard consists of two flat tables to be exchanged in CSV format.
Current work is to include modules for complex geometry and heritage protection. A mapping to the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model is well prepared and will be published soon.

Keywords: archaeological data exchange