Call for Papers

Chairs: David BIBBY, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium | Raphael PANHUYSEN, The Netherlands | Karin WILTSCKE-SCHROTTA, Austria

Over recent years the “Burial Archaeology/Archaeology/History of Death” theme has established itself as an interdisciplinary forum where archaeologists, anthropologists, forensic specialists, historians and emergency workers can profit from a wide variety of viewpoints on human and animal remains. The exchange of methods, ideas and experiences has repeatedly proved fruitful. We are therefore pleased to announce the continuation of the theme in 2017. This year we especially welcome papers combining written and pictorial sources with archaeological and bioarchaeological data. Papers juxtaposing historical concepts on demography, mobility, living conditions and identity with finds from archaeological excavations and the results of funerary studies are cordially invited.  Similarly, papers focusing on the identification of human remains from known persons in an historical or forensic context are/may be eligible for presentation.

Traditionally this session highlights interdisciplinary approaches focusing both on archaeological and historical studies and on new technologies such as DNA, isotope and chemical analysis. How can archaeologists, historians, forensic specialists and natural scientists learn more about life in the past  by studying funerary customs and human remains?

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