(1Institute of Archeology of Academy of Science, Brno, Czech Republic / 2SmartGIS, LLC, Czech Republic)

We would like to present a solution that the Archive of the Institute of Archaeology in Brno chose for administrating and archiving of Archaeological Information Heritage from Moravia and Silesia. The implementation of the solution has been carried out together with a company SmartGIS.
Information about all archaeological excavations from Moravia and Silesia should be concentrated in the archive of our institute. Even though we had used a database in our archive before it had not been sufficient and we decided to generate a new system which would be able to handle the quantity of information and to provide all the information that relates to one archaeological excavation mutually linked .
Last year, we started to work on this new database system which should be helpful not only to us but also to the whole archaeological community, enabling to comfortably deal with administrating and archiving information and to keep it well-arranged and safe for the future. It is called Internet Database of Archaeological Excavations. It has two programme units: Registration of Excavations and Digital Archive. Open source database PostgreSQL has been applied.
We struggle with a small number of human resources in our archive, so the new system is very much based on self-administering by archeologists themselves. An archivist’s duty lies more in checking edited data then. Communication between archaeological organisations and the archive is quick and easy thanks to an internal message system. It provides a possibility of administering each archaeologist’s own agenda in a high-quality database which small archaeological institutions could not afford to purchase themselves,
The vision for future, which has influenced the development of the system, suggests creating one database system for the whole Czech Republic. Therefore we have been communicating with the Archive of the Archaeological Institute in Prague since the beginning of the project.

Keywords: Registration of Archaeological Excavations, National Heritage Agenda, Digital Archive, Database