Elisabeth MONAMY
(Archeomuse, Vienna, Austria)

A teambuilding game

Keywords: cookery, teambuilding, gamification, senses

Teambuilding events are totally in fashion since some years in Austria. Companies or departments take their employees to outdoor survival adventures or to locked rooms where they have to achieve tasks together to get out or to reach safely at destination. Archeomuse’s goal is to take people back in time and show them one aspect of daily life: eating and cooking habits. A culinary time travel is a new model to introduce a wide audience to historical facts in a funny and playful environment. The concept is quite simple: the group is taken to a kitchen where they get a short historical and archaeological introduction to the Roman Empire. Then they get the Latin original recipes and have to create a menu that will be eating by all the participants. It is a teambuilding process companies go back to in order to simplify or even facilitate understanding and communication within a group or department. This game about food in antiquity let people immerge into the life of their ancestors and at the same time they can learn about groceries known and used at that time, cooking methods and prices or even trade routes. In this short presentation I would like to present this concept of gamification although it is not digital nor a real role-playing. It is a unique way to entertain and teach or explain archaeology at the same time.

Relevance conference / Relevance session:
A special concept to take people back in time and introduce them to aracheological and historical facts.

This game as a teambuilding is a new approach to immerge into archaeology and history.