Chairs | Peter FERSCHIN, Austria | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

This session will focus on best practice methods in 3D reconstruction of urban environments. Since 3D Reconstructions are usually done as post-excavation interpretation of excavated data, this session will expand the process of reconstruction to a larger time-frame. The following topics should help to focus the scientific contributions:

• differentiating between archaeological evidence and reconstruction
• predicting areas of interests with reconstruction urban settlement patterns
• continued reconstruction while excavating
• updatingd and refining reconstructions with new evidence
• explaining the ideas, concepts and references used
• provide several plausible variations
• encode the level of “certainty” of the reconstructions
• creating specific digital models to interpretate the various exavation phases
• providing a multimedia dissemination of the exavation process
• providing a multimedia dissemination of the reconstructions

The session should invite all people working at archaeological reconstructions as well as critical viewpoints to enrich scientific discussion and generate new reconstruction concepts.